What our Customers have to say

What our clients say

Gerald, I Just wanted to drop a note and say Thank-You very much for the fast professional service, you got me out of a jam the other day while I was at the Licence Dept you tested my truck right in the parking lot! How Neat was that!!!! Thanks again!

Scott Wentzell

Hy Gerald, I didn't know this service even existed! I was looking around on the internet and came across your website and called you, this beats taking the day off work and booking it in to a shop which would cost me more money!

Owner Operator

Sorry Gotta eat and RUN!  Thanks for doing the Emissions for me

Cookie Monster

So glad to have met up with you Gerald, Thank you for taking my call and looking after my truck for its emissions test, 

Lisa beside her truck
Owner Operator

I am from Whitby Ontario and was calling around to get my truck emissions tested, the other shops could not see me today but you had no problem looking after me, it was worth the drive to meet up with you! thank you Gerald!

Work Trucks
Nikolas P

Dude!, Not only do you perform emissions testing but you know your stuff on cars and trucks, thanks for the help, I'll have my people call your people and we'll have lunch 😉 Your Treat!

Anthony Dehnashi
CEO (Left Blank intentionally)

Thanks for looking after my truck, as you know my plates expire Oct 31 and I will be VERY busy that day! (as you know) , so glad you to have meet you! 

friday 13 Jason