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February 17, 2020 FAMILY DAY 

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January 1, 2020;

New Changes came into effect January 1, 2020, Vehicles 2008 and newer now have to register BELOW 20 (was 30), on the opacity in order to get a PASS for their plate renewal, no more 2 year certificate will be issued as of December 31, 2019 which means January 1, 2021 (next year) ALL Heavy Diesel Vehicles (7 years and older) odds and even have to have an emissions test done, in order to get your plates. 

It is now illegal to: remove, disconnect, alter or bypass any emissions control system and or device including the on-board diagnostic system, it is now illegal to sell/buy/advertise/install any emissions control device designed to alter or bypass any emissions control system on vehicles owned and or operated on Ontario Highways


News Release Oct 9, 2019 click here to read the article

 https://gmptruck.com/Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Testing Program Re-Design/      

Part 2 is here: https://gmptruck.com/part-2-new-program/


           **Attention VOLVO Owners**

As of July 1, 2019, Drive Clean REQUIRES “ALL” Heavy Test Facilities to get RPM Readings on ALL Test. Some Volvos have a RPM Limiter locked well below the limit (max 800-1000) you will be REFUSED by ALL Drive Clean Test Facilities unless they can get a RPM Reading of 1450 OR Higher. To see if your Truck requires the RPM Increased, place the truck in neutral, apply the parking brake and put the throttle to the floor, if you can get higher then 1450 on the RPM you are good to go, if NOT you MUST have this adjusted prior to testing otherwise you will not be tested causing delays in getting your plates. For Further information please direct all calls and comments to the Drive Clean Call Centre 1-888-758-2999 


**To save time and trouble, when going to the licence office Please remember to take the copy of the Emissions Test with you, IF you are refused your renewal because it is not in the system PLEASE ASK FOR THE MANAGER or CALL THE DRIVE CLEAN OFFICE “


Drive Clean changes

Ok here it is Questions and Answers:

new, enhanced program will focus on the biggest polluting vehicles like commercial transport trucks and will ensure that Ontario continues to lead Canada in reducing harmful smog-causing pollutants. Coming this Fall 2019

July 1, 2019, Effective today all Heavy Duty emissions testing MUST include oil and RPM where available and safe to use, in the past, inspectors were using the new diesel head to get the RPM off vehicles that were OBD equipped, SOP states you MUST use the OBD on vehicles equipped and the OBD cable must remain connected at all times during the test, The OBD will send in the Vehicles oil and RPM temperature along with other information being collected by the Drive Clean. 

April 27, 2019: Remember Gasoline, Propane, Natural-Gas and Motorhome vehicles are now out of the Drive Clean Program only DIESEL Vehicles with a GVWR (Drivers Door Decal) AND/OR RGW (Right side of Ownership) of 4500 kg or more STILL REQUIRE Emissions Testing.

April 4, 2019:  Drive Clean emissions Testing for LIGHT DUTY vehicles has ended on April 1, 2019,  If your sticker expired BEFORE April 1, 2019 and you received your renewal form indicating you need an emissions test,  you now no longer require one in order to buy/sell/transfer or renew your licence plates,  just go to any Ontario Licence office and renew your sticker. (THERE IS NO PLACE TO GET A LIGHT DUTY GAS DRIVE CLEAN TEST they are all shut down).

Changes to the drive clean are as follows:

ALL MOTORHOMES (Gas and Diesel) no longer require emissions testing to buy/sell/transfer or renew your licence plate sticker  as of April 1, 2019

Diesel vehicles, Light Duty Diesel Vehicles with a GVWR 4499 on the Vehicle ID Plate (normally found on the drivers door or door post) will need to provide their ownership to show the RGW, “IF” the RGW is GREATER then 4499 KG the Vehicle WILL be treated as a Heavy Duty Vehicle and require an Emissions Test. “IF” the GVWR on the Door ID Plate AND the RGW on the Ownership both indicate 4499 KG or Less NO Drive Clean Test is required and the vehicle will be treated as a Light Duty Vehicle.

If you are INCREASING the RGW on the ownership from 4499 kg to a HIGHER number you will require an emissions test.

IF you are DECREASING the RGW on the ownership to 4499 or less you will still require an emissions test to do this. (Keep in mind I have already seen people trying to beat the system by doing this BUT the GVWR on the door still indicates 4500 or more so it’s still a Heavy Duty Vehicle)

All Questions and concerns should be called into the Ontario Drive Clean Office 1-888-758-2999

Already seeing cars being modified and putting on loud exhaust systems and small diesel pickups “Programming” the system for horsepower and LOTS of black smoke, not sure why but they claim they get better mileage.

Remember, IF YOU ALTER or REMOVE any or all of your emissions components and you fall into the Heavy Duty program you WILL have to replace everything in order to get a PASS on your emissions test

Question: my plates have expired back in November, it’s a light duty Diesel pick-up (GVWR 3390 KG) but I increased the RGW to 8,000 KG do I still need my emissions test done?

Answer: YES,

Question: I want to REDUCE my RGW from 8,000 RGW to 3390 do I still need one?

Answer: YES,

Question: My car needs an emissions test BUT it’s been parked all winter and I can not get it out till the end of May, what do I do?

Answer: You no longer need an emissions test after March 31, 2019, just take your ownership and insurance AND Milage into any licence office and get your licence sticker!

Question: My Car FAILED the EMISSIONS TEST and I was told I need a new Exhaust and other items to get it to pass the Emissions Test what do I do now?

Answer: Wait until April 1, 2019 or later and go get your licence sticker,  No more emissions test are required after March 31, 2019 on Light Duty Vehicles

Bottom Line here is: After March 31, 2019 … ALL LIGHT DUTY DRIVE CLEAN STATIONS will be shut down, you will not be able to get a emissions test ANYWHERE, so it doesn’t matter what you received in the mail or what the licence office or your local repair shop says, April 1, 2019 and forward just go get your licence sticker and don’t worry about the emissions test…. you no longer need one 

Get a Heavy Duty Drive Clean Test


1. Winding down the light duty vehicle emissions testing requirements

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) is ending the requirement for light duty vehicle owners to obtain an emissions test prior to vehicle registration renewal as of April 1, 2019.

Drive Clean’s testing of light duty vehicles was effective at reducing vehicle pollution, however industry standards have significantly improved since the program was created in 1999. The retirement of older vehicles, the introduction of vehicles with cleaner emissions control technologies and fuel improvements were significant contributing factors that helped reduce emissions from light duty vehicles. We have found a steady decrease in the number of passenger cars that fail the emissions test from 16% in 1999 down to 5% in 2017 as well as a declining impact on air quality and smog.

The Auditor General of Ontario has also commented in the past to the effectiveness on the light duty program.

The ministry still requires that motorists maintain their vehicle’s emission control systems and will support this through improved on-road enforcement of all vehicles on Ontario’s roads.

2. Redesigning the heavy duty vehicle emissions testing program

We are also proposing changes to heavy duty vehicle testing to target heavy duty diesel vehicles such as commercial transport trucks while ensuring that Ontario continues to lead Canada in reducing harmful smog-causing pollutants.

Key proposed program design changes for the heavy-duty vehicle emissions testing include:

  • a mandatory test of a vehicle’s on board diagnostic (OBD) computer based emissions controls. OBD testing is the right test for today’s highly computerized heavy duty vehicles because it relies on vehicles’ own computer systems to assess the state of their emissions systems. This test will be included as part of the emissions test, alongside the current smoke meter opacity test.
  • reviewing the appropriate vehicle test age and test frequency. Currently vehicles seven years and older are tested annually. Heavy duty vehicles are driven longer distances and subject to more wear and tear, which could result in higher emissions if poorly maintained.
  • reviewing the test standard for visible emissions opacity. The current opacity test standard for newer vehicles is 30%. Vehicles achieving 20% visible smoke density are currently allowed to skip a test cycle. The standard and exemption should be reviewed to assess its applicability for all heavy duty vehicles.
  • increased enforcement of existing anti-tampering restrictions with regard to emission control systems that are in current regulations.
  • providing incentives to industry who consistently demonstrate cleaner fleets.

The heavy duty program design will also look at ways to reduce costs to taxpayers.

You Read Correct ! Read on……

Click on the Blue Box above and get your Vehicles Latest Emissions Test and see when it was done. In order to renew  your plates you need to have a current (within the last 365 day) emissions test on file.

Emissions Test Certificates are valid for 365 days, unlimited use REGARDLESS who had it done, you can always reprint a copy from the link above.

Here is how it works;

When you get your emissions test done we give you a report, on that report it shows you the results of the test, if your vehicle scores 20 or more you will need to be tested EVERY YEAR,

If You Vehicle scores LESS then 20 you qualify for a 2 year certificate according to the Drive Clean Calendar Odds and Even program, (only for renewal of plates) Confused yet?

Call or send me a quick message if you have any questions,

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