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" Hey Alexa, Where is GMP Mobile Emissions


GMP Mobile DriveOn Emissions Inspections do more than just tick the box for environmental responsibility.

Maintaining safety and compliance in your fleet is like steering through a roadmap filled with evolving safety practices and Ontario regulations. One major milestone on this journey is the DriveOn Emissions inspection. While not universally required for every vehicle, these checks are pivotal in bolstering your fleet’s overall operational efficiency.

A DriveOn Emissions Inspection, is your fleet’s environmental report card. It’s a test performed on a vehicle’s engine to determine the volume and type of pollutants it’s emitting. The process involves measuring the amount of pollutants released from the exhaust pipe when the vehicle is in operation. Regular Emissions checks offer a window into your fleet’s vehicle engine performance, alerting you to inefficiencies or wear and tear before they escalate into costly repairs.

While the specific vehicles requiring DriveOn Emissions Inspections can vary by Manufactures date, generally, all diesel-powered vehicles — trucks, vans, and buses—are included **GVWR over 4500 kg**

DriveOn Emissions Inspections are not just about dodging legal penalties. For fleet operators, they play a crucial role in optimizing fleet operations. Here are 4 ways DriveOn Emissions Inspections help fleets:

  • Improved fuel efficiency: DriveOn Emissions Inspections help to ensure your engines are running clean and lean, leading to better fuel savings. Plus, these inspections often catch maintenance issues early on, saving you from pricey repairs down the road.
  • Compliance and brand reputation: Keeping up with DriveOn Emissions Inspections demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility and regulatory fleet compliance. It safeguards your brand reputation, showing customers, employees, and the public that your business operates responsibly and cares for the environment.
  • Cost management and maintenance: DriveOn Emissions Inspections serve as proactive maintenance, alerting you to potential issues before they escalate. Regular DriveOn Emissions inspections enable you to address any issues quickly to help reduce major breakdowns and expensive repairs.
  • Regulatory compliance: Rules around DriveOn Emissions Inspections can change at any time. Staying informed lets you tweak your fleet operations as needed, keeping penalties and Fines at bay.

As a fleet manager, you’re not just overseeing vehicles– you’re managing a significant portion of your organization’s  resources. DriveOn Emissions Inspections might seem like an environmental duty at first, but they are intricately linked with the operational efficiency and financial health of your fleet. Understanding the DriveOn Emissions inspection process, its frequency, and what to do when a vehicle fails a DriveOn Emissions Inspection, can help minimize downtime and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Regular DriveOn Emissions Inspection also ensure that your fleet is performing at its peak, which can save you from pricey repairs and boost the lifespan of your vehicles. And remember, you don’t have to navigate this alone.

Predictive and preventative maintenance add-ons for SPG tracking devices can help alert or remind fleet managers when a DriveOn Emissions Inspection is due or appropriate. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the DriveOn Program 

 reach out to our team at DriveOn 1-888-420-2110  today!

For Mobile Service we can be reached at Gerald 416-259-0945 or Mark 905-815-7284


A Lot of questions asked about this new DriveOn Program and LOTS of “FALSE” Rumours.

Begining May 9, 2024 Techs can register on line and Current MVIS stations and enrol into the new DriveOn Program AND you will receive (1) FREE Inspection Tablet per MVIS Station! Value $1,399 CDN 

And as a REMINDER, Emissions Test are Optional at the time of the inspection, it is NOT a requirement.


It really is simple. 

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